How to use images on your website

Engaging and informative content is invaluable for any website, but you can enhance copy tremendously by juxtaposing it with high-quality images that help represent your brand. By carefully crafting the layout of your web design with images, you can create a complex depth that can begin to convey your message before the user has glanced at your content.

Try not to overdo it

The images that you use on your website shouldn’t overwhelm your content but complement it in a way that is appropriate to your brand. If you use too many images, or if the graphics are too hectic and flash, it could turn off the user and increase the sites bounce rate. Similarly, image-laden pages can be susceptible to slower load times, so keep it simple to be effective.

Why visuals work

Website designers are fully aware of the power of non-verbal cues to lend weight to your brand’s message. The majority of the information communicated to the brain is in visual form, and the brain calculates visual information at many times the rate it does text. For this reason, images, videos and infographics can all help increase conversion rates. If you can strike the right balance between content and graphics, it will serve to amplify your message.

Banner images can add another layer of depth to your brand when used on the homepage. For instance, Coventry City Council uses a striking banner image of the War Memorial Park to promote a local festival.

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